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The Test

       The Theory Test

This has 2 parts, Part 1 has multiple choice questions, based around the Highway Code. From 50 questions you need to answer 43 correctly to pass.Part 2 is a “Hazard Perception” test. This involves watching simulated video clips, during which you must correctly identify potential hazards, that may occur. You are required 44 points from a possible 75, to pass part 2. Once the theory test has been passed, you have two years before it expires.

       Practical Test

On the day of your test, you will need to bring: 

  • Theory Test Certificate 

  • Provisional License, or if you have the old style Provisional licence, Photo ID, Passport as-well. 

  • Email from the DSA confirming the test day. 

Before the test can start you have to pass an eye sight test. This involves correctly reading a number plate, from approximately 21 meters. Then you will be asked 2 questions, the "show me, tell me" questions (download the pdf)

As of December 4th 2017 a new driving test came in to place. The new Test is approximately 38/40 minutes long and you will be asked to use roads with various speed limits up to 70 miles per hour. There will be a mixture of town driving and dual carriageways. The examiners are looking for a safe, legal and controlled drive from you. 

You are allowed 15 minor Driving faults, anymore and this will result in a fail, 1 serious or dangerous fault will also result in a fail. As part of the new test, you will be asked to drive on your own “the Independent Drive” By either following road signs i.e. "A66" or "Hospital"...., or you will be asked to follow the Sat-Nav that they will set up for approxmetly 20 minutes. Also within the new test you will be asked by the examiner to carry out 1 maneuvers of their choice, you will not know what this is until you are sitting your test. They could be; 

  • Forward Bay Park

  • Pulling up onto the right  (Right hand side of the road reverse back 2 car lenghts and pulling off saftly back to your side of the road)

  • Parallel Parking 

  • Reverse Bay Parking 

The Emergency “STOP” is an additional exercise that may or may not be required.   

Show Me, Tell Me questions are the same however you will now be asked to do one on the move for example "wash your front windsrceen"

       Pass Plus

Once you have passed your test, pass plus is the next step. Art of Driving is a registered as a Pass Plus driving school. Pass Plus helps you gain valuable experience on motorways, country roads. Not only will it give you extra confidence and skills, but also helps on reducing your car insurance, you can take Pass Plus within the first year of passing your test.